Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Happy Valentine's Day. From me to you <3 Kurai., based out of Korea, is so far the ONLY store that I have found that sells Halloween and Anime lenses in prescription up to -10.00! They are not available in Toric lens (for astigmatism) however as being someone who has a slight astigmatism, I see just fine in the standard curve provided. I have used this store for costume lenses only, but they still have wide variety of circle lenses; Also decent selection of lenses available in Toric and even Hyperopia (farsightedness) which I have not seen on any sights until this one. These more advanced lenses start at about $70 a pair
Shipping was rather average, being 2 weeks to arrive in the west USA. Prices are a bit more than most lens shops, being $50 a pair, however by signing up on the site members get an additional $5 off all lenses. 

This review is of the Solid White & Robot Lenses.
This shop provides an extensive instructional guide with every purchase (lol). 

Like many sites, each pair of lenses purchased comes with a free case. This company by far has the biggest piece of shit lens cases ever! I highly suggest not using them, and purchasing ugly ones at the grocery store instead. The standard cases provided leak and will cause the lenses to dry out in very little time. I received a free travel case with my purchase, which works excellently! :) 

The white lens is amazing! My natural eye color is a VERY DARK brown so most blue and purple colors do not show up on me, but the opaque white surprisingly hides virtually all color for being such a thin lens. As stated above, I do have an astigmatism, so I do have a very small portion of my natural eye that shows in the upper left corner. This is a defect in my eye, not the lens :p As someone who is an everyday wearer of contact lenses- I need only a few minuets to adjust to the White Lens. They are very comfortable, and I have worn them for up to 8 hours. 

The photos above is having my eyes directed into light, where as the bottom photo is in more natural shadows- still a well lit room. This is where you can see the Robot lens is not so good. 
I wasn't expecting much of the lens when I purchased it. Considering how dark my natural iris is and that this lens is gray.... yeah :/ The Robot lens does have the pupil area colored red, which I guess was my main reason for getting it- just to see what the pupil portion was like. As anyone could guess, it is how it looks- everything you see will have a red tint to it. Not worth the lack of cosmetic effect, but maybe worth the purchase if you are someone with a light blue or green iris. 
The White Out lens can be purchased HERE
The Robot lens can be purchased HERE

All in all, my experience with was a good one. I will definitely be purchasing from them again. You can "like" them on their Facebook to see updates and sales:

Now, just for the hell of it, here are 3 radnom pics of lenses I have previously purchased from
Pinky Paradise is my standard go to shop for circle lenses. They have a wide variety and tend to get the latest styles in first. They have a great rewards program, where you sign up and build points off of every purchase. Shipping is 2 weeks, and price for lens varies from $15-$30. They do not carry costume lenses in prescription (Plano only = 0.00 ; no prescription) Their facebook has a monthly photo contest which participants can win free circle lenses. Pinky Paradise facebook

  I'll post a full review on Pinkyparadise once I make a more recent purchase from them. 

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