Friday, September 27, 2013

Filthy Commissions

If you are needing a costume commission- whether it be clothing, wigs, accessories, or really anything- or maybe you want custom matching hoodies for you and your Dollfie, Filthy Commissions is the place to go!

Creating everything from cosplay items to every day alternative clothing, they never skip short of good quality and durable items; They even have many awards to prove it!

Between the 2 owners, they have over 23 years of cosplay experience and 40+ awards pertaining to their craftsmanship.

Contact them about any of your needs, their style ranges and is not limited to- Visual Kei, anime, punk, goth, cosplay accessories, footwear modification, styled wigs, custom designs, and dollfie clothing/acc. 

Quality fabrics, impeccable detail, swift ordering time, and superb communication between the artisan and customer.
You can read the many reviews of previous purchasers here
Filthy Commissions is based out of Colorado and recently won the 2013 Best in Show award at NDK
 (Nan Desu Kan) for their D- Night Ship cosplay

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Loli-Pop Radio station

If you are looking for a 24/7 Visual Kei Radio station, LOLI-POP STATION is the one to stream! 

The majority of the music is Visual Kei, but Enka, Valcoloid, and even VKei from other countries is played every now and them. They do a good job of grouping music genres together, so if you happen to not like Oshare, operatic pieces, or whatever style of music, you only have to mute the station for about 10min :P
Aside from genres, they have a fantastic collection of Visual Kei from all eras: X Japan classics, one-hit-wonders of the 90's, and even up to last month's new releases.

Every weekend a band is selected for a 24hr non stop tribute; past "Special Days" have included
  Deathgaze, Blood, Exist+Trace, LareineAlsdead, Versailles, Merry, A -Anonymous Confederate Ensemble-, 12012, Meijibray, L'Arc-En-Ciel and so many more!  

Where to listen? 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Have you heard about Rdio?
It's a free music listening and sharing site, much like Spotify, but with a handy layout like!
You will also find more variety in VK music, thanks to labels whom have agreed to share their artists :D
Check out just some of the JGOTH bands we found today!

Tip for colored hair treatment-

Hey there Rockers!
It's been awhile, but here is some handy tips for taking care of your colored hair as well as how to remove color in safe steps.


Avoid dandruff shampoo. You may not know but dandruff shampoo contains ingredients designed to really clean the hair and remove dandruff - these can also remove colour faster than you would like. It is not a suitable product for color fanatics. Avoid at all costs. Best to use a sulphate free or color friendly shampoo - which may help to reduce your colour loss.

Rinse hair with cold water, post shampooing. It closes the hair cuticles and seals in maximum colour.

Shampoo as little as possible. Semi-permanents will lose colour after each wash so avoid over-washing hair. 

No sunbathing. Too much direct sunlight will strip all that edgy Crazy Color right out.

Avoid swimming. Chlorine is another nasty product that will strip the life and color from your lovely hair so AVOID.
Use systems designed to protect hair colour especially those with leave-in conditioing products.


If you've changed your fickle mind and want another colour faster than it fades or if you've had a disaster.

Wash your hair as much as possible. Each wash will begin the colour fading process and the more you do it, the more it will fade.

Ditch your regular shampoo. Use anti- dandruff or clarifying shampoo or shampoos for greasy hair -not shampoos for dry, damaged or coloured hair.

Hot water opens the hair follicles and is guaranteed to speed up the fading process.

The salon. Or finally, the sensible option - go to a hairdresser who can professionally remove the unwanted colour.


If you have been left with some unwanted embarrassing stain's we have a few tips to remove them quick! Luckily enough you will have most of them in your cupboard.

Alcohol Dab a bit of the pure stuff on a piece of cotton wool and rub around the hairline or hands. (over 18s only)

Toothpaste is a handy one. Make it into a paste using soap and water - use a cotton bud around the hairline.

Bicarbonate of soda Apply a solution to the stained skin and rub gently.